About us

“Askovita” successfully exists in the market of ceramics production since 1995. “Askovita” specializes at different types of pots and vases for flowers and plants, interior products as well as money boxes. Due to its natural origins ceramics make your house or garden cozy. It’s easy to find a pottery that fits you as we offer wide range of colors, shapes and decorations “Askovita” is proud to be a company which produces exclusively ecologically clean products.

Natural ingredients are being used which do not cause any damage to the environment. We cover our products with glaze or acrylic paint. They are impregnated and resistant to water as well as to different types of detergents. We cooperate with companies from Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Netherlands. Long-term relations and credibility are of the great importance to us. All of our products are handmade. Each item needs to go through a few stages which are supervised by several specialists. Before the products reach our partners, they need to go through a strict quality control system.

We also offer a unique production which we make exclusively to one partner. The products belong solely to the partner’s company.